Bumper scrape

Nobody likes it when it happens, and if it makes you feel any better, it happens to everyone.  Some of us it happens to frequently.  Your pride and joy gets a scrape, or maybe it’s not your pride and joy, but you don’t want it to get worse by neglecting it. Bumper scrapes are usually…

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Has your car been egged?

One of the mos insidious things that someone can do to your car, right after keying, is to have someone egg you.  I have a feeling that kids, or whomever does such things, doesn’t realize the damage it can cause.  It’s really hard to fix.  It’s not the mess it causes, that’s pretty easily cleaned…

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When should you fix the paint chips on your car?

Hello. I fix the rock chips and scratches on cars for a living.  People tell me all kinds of reasons why they want it to be done.  Its really an emotional decision.  Yes, it will rust eventually, but thats really a long, long term thing.  Most people don’t have their car for more than 6…

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Car paint; Do’s and Don’ts

Here’s some basic info about taking care of the paint on your car. Do’s and Don’ts: • Don’t sand it down! Yikes. I have seen some information on the internet that you should sand down the paint damage before using touch up paint. That’s a really bad idea for a couple of reasons. One, for…

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Paint chip repair – it’s an art.

I’m your friendly neighborhood paint-chip repair guy. I’ve worked on so many cars now, that it’s hard to keep track – a rough estimate is around 40,000 cars. I had to do the math a few times to make sure. I know it seems like a lot, but I’ve been doing this for 12 years.…

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Rock chips and scratches, car paint chip repair.

Close up front car

It happens to everyone. Normal driving conditions can cause scratches in the paint of your car. One portion of the car that is mainly prone to get excess scratches is the front side, while your car paint can get easily chipped from any portion because of garbage and fragments on the road. Scratches on the…

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Paint Chips from Flying Rocks

after 2

  Does your hood and front bumper get a lot of paint chips from flying rocks? I use a paint system that is designed to stick in the paint chip instead of the existing finish. On a car like the photo shown, I will actually smear the paint on with a cloth or use a…

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Car Paint Chip Repair to Perfection

Before Repair

Ordinary driving conditions will cause scratches and paint chips in the paint of your car. One portion of the car that is prone to get excess scratches is the front, while your car paint can get easily chipped from any portion because of rocks and other debris on the road. Scratches on the car paint…

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Paint chips on the hood

If you have unsightly paint chips on your hood, please don’t buy a paint pen or other touch up method and put blobs of paint on each little paint chips. It’ll look awful.  You’ll go from having little chips in the paint, to bumps on your hood, and that’s if you’re able to put a…

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