Dealership Touch-Up Services

Why PaintCraft?

  • Trustworthy: We’re here to help you sell cars, not to squeeze out every last penny from you. We only work on cars that need our services to sell.
  • Experience: We’ve been doing touch-up in Southern California for over 15 years and have worked on over 90,000 cars. There’s nothing we haven’t seen!
  • Reputable: We do excellent work for many dealerships in the area who will attest to our skills and professionalism. To name a few: Crevier BMW, Porsche South Bay, Lamborghini Newport Beach, House of Imports, South Bay Toyota, Norm Reeves Ford, Hyundai, and Cerritos Infiniti.

Why Touch-Up?

We save our dealerships thousands of dollars every year on body shop costs. Why spend $200+ on repairing a bumper scrape at a body shop when you could have it touched up on the lot and sell it even faster? Very often, car paint damage can be made barely noticeable with touch-up. With body shop repairs, the vehicle has to leave the lot for days at a time, resulting in lost sales! Touch-up is done right on the lot in less than an hour. 

Of course, there are some things that touch-up can’t accomplish. We’ll always let you know when we come across something that requires more than touch-up.

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Pricing Packages


  • $85 per car
  • On the lot 2x per week
  • Home/office services for your customers upon request
  • Bumper scrapes, light scratches, chips, & all the little things


  • $65 per car
  • On the lot 1x per week
  • Door edges, hoods, small light scratches, chips


  • $50 per car
  • On the lot 1x per week
  • Great for high-volume economy dealers
  • Minor, plainly visible damage; no scratches
  • No approval, work is capped at number of cars per week

PaintCraft's 7 Values

  1. Efficient: We get the job done without wasting time or money.

  2. Honest: We are about the customer, not about the cash.

  3. Hard-working: We end the day with real results.

  4. Knowledgeable: We learn our craft because we care for our customers.

  5. Craftsman: We take pride in the art of car paint repair.

  6. Personable: We like helping people solve their problems.

  7. Outshining: We go above and beyond to add value to our customers.

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