Road rash – the bane of car lovers. Porsche GT4; hood chips are gone!

Say goodbye to paintchips

The bane of any car lover is getting those pesky little rock chips all over the front bumper and hood. The design of Porsche’s cars make them susceptible to rock chips. It’s the wind flows over the front of the car. Contrary to what most people believe, most paint chips come from your own car […]

FAQ: Appointments with PaintCraft

Over the years, we’ve gotten hundreds of questions from our customers. We’ve compiled the most common ones to answer them for you right here! Many of them pertain to our services specifically. We’re an expert car paint touch-up company servicing LA and Orange Counties in Southern California. Here’s everything you might want to know before […]

Why You Should Sell Your Car Now

Penks GMC and Buick

Do you have a used car that you’ve been thinking about selling? Now is actually the best time to get rid of that car you barely use that’s just taking up space in the driveway. The global microchip shortage has resulted in crazy-low inventories at dealerships, leaving them desperate for cars to sell. The shortage […]

PaintCraft Car Paint Repair: Who We Are

Paintcraft team photo

We humans love a good story. Sometimes, we’ll even settle for a mediocre story just to see how it ends. I think we generally just want to know more, always in search of connection. In the same way that every person has a story, so does every business. Every story may not be important to […]

Your Local Car Paint Repair Artist – Not Just Some Guy

Paintcraft tech touching up paint

Meet Your Car Paint Repair Artist Hello! I’m your friendly neighborhood paint-chip repair guy, Steve. I’m the owner of PaintCraft Car Paint Repair. I’m a classically trained artist and have found my niche doing paint touch-up on cars. The Porsche Club of America, Mequires Wax, and the Vice President of Mazda North America have called […]

Always Getting Better: A New Year for Car Paint Chip Repair

We also have participating in many of the carshows in southern California. The most notable of which was the Motor4Toys event last weekend. Well over 30,000 toys were collected. If you are sponsoring an event, or would like me to speak at one of your functions, please let me know.

Ferrari Paint Chip Repair


  I worked on three Ferraris this week. I love those cars. The first had a pretty deep gouge on the front. A good-sized stone had skipped its way up the hood. Ferrari Gouge Repair To begin my repair, I applied the trusted Dr. Colorchip paint in a bead along the side of the damage […]