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How does it work?

Removing car scratches and repairing chips on auto-paint require a keen eye for color. The paint we use is designed to stick in the chip and not the existing finish. This allows us to smear the paint over the entire chips, and use a special solution to wipe off the excess. Traditional touch-up paint is unsightly and leaves big paint blobs usually making it look worse.  PaintCraft (formerly Quinn the Eskimo) recommends Dr. Colorchip for high quality Car Paint Chip Repair and Scratch Removal.

How much does a car paint chip repair cost?

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Car Dealerships

Make your cars SHOWROOM READY and SAVE MONEY by not respraying.

Your Pride and Joy

Many times those little paint dings and chips,and scrapes don’t need to be fixed by a body shop.Why waste your money?

Car Clubs

Let us do a Tech Talk for your car club. We’ll show you how to do it yourself! Or, add value to your next event and have us do the work.

Fall in love with your car again!

Do you want that new car look without repainting the vehicle? 

Tips and Tricks of the Trade

PaintCraft Car Paint Repair: Who We Are

We humans love a good story. Sometimes, we’ll even settle for a mediocre story just to see how it ends. I think we generally just want to know more, always in search of connection. In the same way that every person has a story, so does every business. Every story may not be important to…

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Repairing That Unsightly Bumper Scrape

The First Step: Accepting the Bumper Scrape It’s always disappointing when you hear that awful noise of car on cement. You look around hoping it wasn’t you, but you felt the impact – you know it was you. If you drive regularly, it’s bound to happen to you at least once. If you’re not the…

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Has your car been egged? Here’s what you can do about it.

You’ve been egged. Well, hopefully you haven’t, but unfortunately your car has been egged. One of the most insidious things that someone can do to your car, right after keying, is to throw an egg at it. I don’t wish this on anyone, but if you’re here, it probably means it’s already happened to you. Sorry…

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When should you fix the paint chips on your car?

Can paint chip repair wait? I fix paint chips and scratches on cars for a living. People tell me all kinds of reasons why they use my services: lease return, hate the way it looks, scratched dad’s car and need to fix it before he finds out, etc. It’s typically an emotional decision. But how…

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Car Paint Dos and Don’ts

The Things I’ve Seen… Over the last 15 years, I’ve learned quite a bit about how to take care of car paint. I’ve also seen some terrible techniques go, well, terribly. I’d like to share my personal list of car paint dos and don’ts. The don’ts are more detrimental if not heeded, so I’ll start…

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Your Local Car Paint Repair Artist – Not Just Some Guy

Meet Your Car Paint Repair Artist Hello! I’m your friendly neighborhood paint-chip repair guy, Steve. I’m the owner of PaintCraft Car Paint Repair. I’m a classically trained artist and have found my niche doing paint touch-up on cars. The Porsche Club of America, Mequires Wax, and the Vice President of Mazda North America have called…

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How To Fix Car Paint Chips on the Hood

It Happens to Everyone Normal driving conditions will eventually result in chips and scratches in your car’s paint, and the most commonly damaged areas are the front bumper and hood. If you’re not sure how to fix those pesky car paint chips in your hood, you’ve come to the right place. The good news is…

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Bumper Scrape Repair: DIY

Curb Check Bumper scrapes are the most common paint damage I see, mostly from drivers hitting high curbs. With a push over the years for MPG, manufacturers have been lowering front bumpers closer and closer to the ground. Unfortunately, it takes very little to damage your car’s paint. You are, in essence, driving your car…

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Car Paint Damage and What to Do About It

Over the last decade, I’ve seen every type of car paint damage there is. Here’s my advice for how to approach car paint damage repair on everything from key scratches to road rash. I’ll give my opinion on whether it’s worth it or not, but really, that’s up to you! Peeling or Cracked Paint Eventually,…

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Dr. Colorchip to the Rescue!

I have repaired over 30,000 cars – everything from Ferraris to Hyundais. I’ve worked for car museums, car collectors, and for regular car owners who just want to drive a nice-looking vehicle. I love what I do and want to do my best for every customer. That’s why, when repairing car paint chips, I use the…

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