Road rash – the bane of car lovers. Porsche GT4; hood chips are gone!

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The bane of any car lover is getting those pesky little rock chips all over the front bumper and hood.

The design of Porsche’s cars make them susceptible to rock chips. It’s the wind flows over the front of the car. Contrary to what most people believe, most paint chips come from your own car kicking up debris from the road.  It’s not that much different from a boat plowing through the water. With a car, your pushing the air out in front of you, kicking up debris from the road. Once it’s in the air, it slows, down and your car speeds through it, just like a boat splashing through a wave at high speed. 

There’s three ways to stop this. Don’t drive your car anymore. (haha, like that’s gonna happen) or don’t drive where sand and little rocks accumulate. This happens in between lanes, or at the side of the road, or if you take a turn more sharply than most cars, the sand and dust that accumulates will be kicked up by you ‘cutting corners’. Or you can wrap the car in PPF (paint protection film, formerly called Clear Bra (obviously named by a man)).

There’s two ways to fix it once it happens.  1. Have the hood and bumper resprayed. 2. or use touch up to fill the chips.
If you want to do it yourself; far and away the best touch up is TouchupRx or DrColorchip. Both of these systems work great for a single chip here or there, but I’d advise hiring someone who uses either system to do it for you if your hood or bumper are peppered with rock chips.  That’s where I come in.

I’ve been called the best touch up guy in the country by Porsche Club of America, the Vice President of Mazda North America and others. I love what I do and after 90,000 cars and 20 years, I’ve become very good at it. If you have any questions about how to fix paint chips, or if you’d like me to do it for you, please visit my website or text me photos of what you’d like fixed to 714-766-0464.

As for what I can do for a Porsche with lots of little rock chips on the hood and front bumper, please take a look at the video I made of this stunning Porsche GT4 at one of my customers; South Bay Porsche 
Video of me making a GT4 look brand new, or pretty close to it!

Also I know a lot of great vendors in my area, like the dent guy David with Pacific Coast Paintless Dent Removal, or Marco at Premier Wheel Repair premierwheelpowdercoating.


ps. Text me photos of the damage on your car for feedback.  714-766-0464

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