Before Repair

Ordinary driving conditions will cause scratches and paint chips in the paint of your car. One portion of the car that is prone to get excess scratches is the front, while your car paint can get easily chipped from any portion because of rocks and other debris on the road.

Scratches on the car paint can actually look prominent on your vehicle, and this will also decrease the vehicle’s resale value in case you are planning to sell. The car paint chip repair can actually solve these issues, whether you do it on your own, or have a professional do it.


These days, a lot of service providers are offering car paint chip repair services and together with this, they are also providing the DIY paint kits. With the help of these paint kits, you can easily and quickly eliminate all the chips on your car and make the vehicle look shining new within an hour or so.

Well, if you really don’t have extra time to get done with all this on your own, then you can quickly book a service to hire a car paint service near you. Various Auto body repair shops in Orange County and other places are providing this service at affordable rates.

Know if it is a Chip or Scratch on your car   

Before getting your car paint chip repaired, be certain about the fact that it is actually a chip and not ‘transfer’.  Transfer simply means something transferred to your car.  It could be the paint of someone else’s car, and you car may be fine.  Or if your car rubbed up against a painted pole.  What you’re seeing may simply be the paint from that pole. This is important to know as there is a big difference between these two. A simple scratch can easily be fixed with a paint pen and after that buffing and shining the area. But, if it is a chip, then you will require getting it repaired and or you cans fix it yourself using a DIY paint kit.

Now, you can come across a number of companies online that are offering these chip repair services and also offer the quality DIY paint kits, and the best part is that you can get these at nominal prices.