Daily Diary – I fixed this car today!

The dent is still there, but it looks much much better

Diary of a Paint Chip Repair Craftsman: 12/2/23

I saved this customer a couple thousand dollars, assuming he would have gone to a body shop.
Someone backed into him. The damage was fairly high up on his right rear quarter panel, so I’m assuming it was a truck.
There’s a big dent where the metal is creased, and a fair amount of paint damage, and some transfer (left over from the perpetrator’s car). Some of the paint was completely removed.
The customer didn’t want to go to a body shop and didn’t want to fix the dent.
I did give him a recommendation of a great dent guy.
Before Pic.

Before pic
Pretty bad damage. Big dent and scrape through paint

I told him from two or three feet away you wouldn’t be able to see the damage (except for the dent) and I’d charge $275. He was very happy with that, and it came out great.
After Pic.

The dent is still there, but it looks much much better

I would estimate that a body shop to fully fix his car would have charged anywhere from $1500 to $2,300. Body shop prices vary wildly and if you go that route, you should get at least 5 quotes. Many places you can just text pics to them. So much easier than going in.

If you’d like me to quote fixing paint chips or light scratches on your car, please text pics to 714-766-0464 or visit the website www.carpaintchiprepair.com 

Customer located in Long Beach. It took about 45 mins to complete the job. Super nice guy.
Car: 2017 Buick Enclave with 12,000 miles.
Color: White

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