Is auto touch-up paint permanent?

If you’ve recently incurred a few chips or scratches in your car’s paint, you’re probably looking to make them disappear. You have a few different options depending on the extent of the damage and your unique situation. (We wrote another blog post on those options here.) If you’ve decided that touch-up is the way to go, you may be wondering, is auto touch-up paint permanent?

Here at PaintCraft, we use a touch-up paint system called Dr.Colorchip. The paint is designed to stick in the chip and not the existing finish. There are many other paint repair systems on the market, most of which may not be quite as good, but are permanent. On the other hand, the colored wax systems only stay for about a week – just long enough for shady car dealerships to sell you the car and get you off the lot. That is a little harsh, I know, but many will do whatever they can to make the car look nice and spend as little money as possible. I do see their dilemma. To respray a body panel costs at least $250 and a bumper between $150 and $250. They need to make a profit too.   

We are their best solution. Our paint is permanent, doesn’t leave paint blobs, and we can fill chips of all sizes. A chip smaller than a speck of sand may seem insignificant, but if there are thousands of them, you’ll notice. We can fix those without respraying. The traditional touch-up method would never attempt such a thing. 

All of our paints are made to match. We use the exact paint code and apply our patented paint system to the chips. The majority disappear completely, others will look vastly better, and all of them will be sealed to prevent rust or further chipping. The overall look of the car is pretty close to a respray and a million times better than using touch-up pens. 

We’ve been doing car paint touch-up for 15 years. We have many repeat customers, especially those that keep their cars for a long time and want to maintain them. Every time we go back to see a repeat customer, we check on repairs done during the previous visit. They are always just as good as the day we first did the repair. It will last as long as your car does. 


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