Egging. Has your car been hit by an egg?

Final result. Please ignore my feet, if you can. 😛

One of the most insidious things that someone can do to your car, right after keying, is to have someone egg you.  I have a feeling that kids, or whomever does such things, doesn’t realize the damage it can cause.  It’s really hard to fix.  It’s not the mess it causes, that’s pretty easily cleaned up.  Although I should mention here that if you don’t clean it up, the acids from the yolk will eat away at your cars finish and make it worse.

The real damage is from the egg shell.  If you remember from high school science class; Egg shells are really hard to break, despite their fragile shell.  The force upon impact is accelerated as the front of the egg is stopped by your car and the shell fragments into razor sharp particles that drive their way into your car’s paint.  That force, in combination with the egg old acid, will make a spider web ‘decoration’ that won’t go away unless you have the entire panel. Of your car repainted.

You can make it look a little better with touch up, but the only one that I’ve found to work is the paint.  You can smear it into the divots that the shell made.  Once it’s dry, you use their solution to rub off the excess.  Depending on the severity of the damage, you should be able to make it look about 80% better.

I’ll try to include some photos so you can get a better idea.   I’m typing this from my phone, in my work van, so it’s a little difficult.