bumper scrape

Nobody likes it when it happens, and if it makes you feel any better, it happens to everyone.  Some of us it happens to frequently.  Your pride and joy gets a scrape, or maybe it’s not your pride and joy, but you don’t want it to get worse by neglecting it.

Bumper scrapes are usually pretty easy to make almost unnoticeable with a little artistry and some know how.  The alternative is to have it resprayed, either by a mobile paint guy like who will sand down the area and respray it.  I’m guessing the cost would be about $250-$350 for damage like the one shown in the pic.  They are good people and we send each other business.  A body shop would change about $600 and they’d have your car for a week.

That’s where I come in.  I will, very artfully, fill the area with touch up paint.  In this particular case, I’ll squeegee the paint in, let it dry, and then gently rub off the excess paint.  I’ll do this a few times since white doesn’t cover black very well.  It’ll take me about 25 minutes and it’ll look about 90-95% better.  I’d charge $125 for this particular car.  While the paint is drying, I generally fix whatever else I can find on the car – I’m just that kind of guy.  Check out my website for more details, or my yelp reviews.  Here’s a link 🙂

So if you’re just looking to get your car looking a bit better, without spending a fortune, or you need to return it after a lease, set up a schedule and I’ll knock it out for you.

I think the main reason I’ve gotten so good at this is that I happen to care about people, and like to see them happy, also, I’m an accomplished artist. You can find some of my artwork on my Instagram account.  Here’s a link.  🙂