I’ve been asked to fix many different anomolies on peoples cars.  Some things are pretty obvious as to what they are, others… not so much.

1. Bug poop.  Not a very appealling subject, but it still needs be addressed.  😛  There are, of course, many types, but only a couple might be an issue on your car.  Honey bees will leave small circles of a dark yellow.  It comes off very easily.  Please don’t use your fingernail to clean anything stuck to your car.  I spend too much time buffing out fingernails scratches where someone tried to remove something that a damp cloth will take off.  As a side note, I tried to convince a customer that bee poo tasted like honey.  He didn’t believe me, and wouldn’t taste it.

The second type of bug poop hardens into a dark dark brown shell.  It’s about the size of a pencil tip.  Many people think these are paint blobs from a touch up pen.  If you can ‘crack’ that shell with your fingernail, the rest will rub off completely.  Don’t rub your fingernail back and forth across it – just get your nail up against the side and flick it off.

As long as we’re talking about ‘poop’, we should talk about birds.  Bird poop is acidic and will eat into your finish.  The sooner you get it off your car the better.  You should be fine if you remove it before it dries.  This is more critical if the bird has been eating berries.  If it’s semi dry.  Take a wet towel and heat it up in the micro wave, and place ontop of the bird poop until it loosens up, then wipe clean.

On that note, the above tip with the wet cloth also works for tree sap and eggings.  Again, please don’t scrape off with your fingernail.  Especially the egg, mostly because it’s gross, but also because the acid from the egg yolk has loosened up the clearcote.  In general, most of the damage from egging is from the shards of the eggs shell, not the egg itself, so the damage is already done.

The final anominal is from transfer, meaning things that you’ve hit, and are still stuck on your car.  It’s pretty obvious when you’ve scraped up against a red curb, and now there’s red on your car, but it’s often not apparent that something is on car, versus your paint being scraped off.  Many, many times I’ve simply rubbed off some ‘transfer’ to the amazement of my customer, who thought I repainted his/her bumper.  Knowing what will rub off and what needs to be repainted often takes some careful investigation.

There’s two more things that I can think of.  They look the same, but come from different sources.  Tiny white spots.  If they are perfectly rounded and brite white, it’s probably wax that has splattered across the car.  When wax is old, and is then buffed into the car, little drops can stick to your car like cement.  It’s so difficult to remove that even an expert car detailer might think they’re paint chips.  The only way I’ve found to get rid of them is some of our Dr.Colorchip solution beefed up with some acetone on a tshirt cloth, and a LOT of careful rubbing.

The second type of white spot comes from tree drippings. Not necesarrily sap, but it’s more like a misting.  If the sap is still on your car, it’ll looking like very tiny water drops, if the sap had dried, it’ll take the paint with it and leave tiny irregular white spots where the paint is gone.  These are different from rock chips in that they will be equally spread across the enitre car, and they are much shallower than chips.  They only way to get rid of them, short of repainting your car, is to use a small brush and paint each drop with our Dr.Colorchip paint system.  (or apply ‘shoe polish’ method)

That’s all I can think of for now.  If you have any questions please text 949-463-7690 or email me at results@carpaintchiprepair.com or check out my website for more info www.carpaintchiprepair.com