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Paint Chip Repair Mobile Service

Clean and well-kept cars sell faster and fetch a higher price.

Our paint chip repair service will make your cars better than you thought possible, without spending hundreds, or thousands of dollars, on respraying the damaged panel or even the whole car!

We will work your whole lot and fix all visible paint chips for a very reasonable price, generally below the competitor’s charge when they only fill a fraction of the chips. We have an exceedingly good reputation — both in quality of work and ethics. Many detail companies claim to fix your rock chips but the quality is generally so poor that it looks worse, or they simply say they’re doing it when they aren’t.

Price is $55 for everything we can find that we can fix. Rock chips and scratches devalue your inventory and under traditional methods are too costly to repair.  We can touch up many of the bumpers that you’d normally have to spray paint.  We save our customers tens of thousands a dollars every month.

Higher Profits with Dr. Colorchip!

Professional automotive touch-up service companies use the Dr. ColorChip™ Paint Chip Repair System weekly, at over 300 dealerships nationwide, and dominate those markets with the quality and speed provided by the system.

For dealerships, these dramatic results lead to higher profits, in addition to faster inventory turnover. For auction houses, it can mean more professional repairs for the reconditioning process and higher income for some fleet vehicles.

Time and Money Benefits

  • No more wasted time on paint mixing
  • Reduce body shop spraying and cost
  • Work can easily be done right in the lot
  • Be the first in your market to offer professional paint chip repair to your customers

Highlight of the System

  • No color mixing, paint codes or spraying – Everything is provided
  • Average repairs take less than 30 minutes
  • No unsightly paint blobs

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