Diary of a Paint Chip Repair Craftsman: 12/12/23

I saved this customer at least $2,500 in respray costs, or him trying to do it himself with terrible results.

The car is a 2006 Porsche Carrera 4s. It’s in great condition with only 20,000 miles on it. The previous owner rarely drove it, but it got a little beat up sitting in his garage for decades.  There are some paint chips and some minor scratches.

You can see from the Before pics how bad it is.

Deep scratch through the clear coat and paint.
Small paint chips
This looks like it was gouged with a screwdriver.

There are a few ways this can be fixed.  You can get a touch pen from the dealership and try to paint each little chip, but the brush on most touch kits is too big for that size chip, and process for applying the paint is awful – not to mention it’ll look really bad.

You could also have a body shop respray each panel (4 panels in this case).  It’ll look new, but they’ll have your car for a few days, maybe more, and it’ll cost about $2,500 – very rough estimate.  Please get lots of quotes if you go this route.  And! It’s likely to happen again – unless you have PPF (paint protection film) placed on the front. 

Or you can hire someone like me to fill the chips without respraying.  This is the best option, if you want to keep your car nice, and know this type of damage will keep happening.  Many times, I do this type of work for a customer who is going to PPF the front end. I fix the chips, and then it’s wrapped to keep it nice forever.  I charged $250 for this customer.  I arrived at his home and it took me about an hour.

It came out really nice and it’ll make your car go faster.  (j/k) 

After pic.

This look much much better. You’ll still see it a little in daylight but not nearly as much as before.
This was the deep gouge that looked like it was caused by a screwdriver. It’s barely visible now. Even I have trouble finding it.

Porsche Carrera 4S, 1996

Color: Black

Multiple chips, mostly on right front fender, and passenger door.

Scratches on right front fender, two of which are very deep and through the paint.


Charged the customer $250. 

Repeat customer.


For more info, check out the full video. 


Your friend,


Steve Bode
Chief Craftsman