Dr. Colorchip to the Rescue!

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I have repaired over 30,000 cars – everything from Ferraris to Hyundais. I’ve worked for car museums, car collectors, and regular car owners who just want to drive a nice-looking vehicle. I love what I do and want to do my best for every customer. That’s why, when repairing car paint chips, I use the Dr. Colorchip system. I demonstrate the process here.

The Dr. Colorchip Method

First, you paint right over the chips. The paint is designed to stick in chips and scratches. It is pre-mixed for your car per OEM specs, so there’s no guesswork involved in color-matching.

After the paint has dried, you use a special blending solution to remove the excess paint. The solution takes everything off except for what’s in the chip. No little paint blobs are left on your car. The traditional method would require the use of a toothpick or a very fine brush to dab paint into each little chip, building it up over days. Then, you would have to sand it down and build it back up again. But with the Dr. Colorchip process, you can fill several hundred chips in under an hour! For more details on repairing paint chips, check out one of our other blog posts here.

The cost of repairing paint chips with Dr. Colorchip is considerably less than having your car repainted, and it does a really beautiful job. I get better results with each chip because I fill them more completely. The system works well for dealing with different shaped chips and for the ones caused by things like shopping carts or door dings. The same goes for the awkwardly-placed chips – the ones that happen in the creases, for example.

Need Car Paint Chip Repair?

I fix everything: chips on the hood, door edges, mirrors, bumper scrapes – you name it. My fine arts background sets me apart from other paint repair technicians; I understand the nature of paint. And the Dr. Colorchip system enables me to fix scratches a traditional touch-up technician wouldn’t be able to. I love the feeling that comes when I’ve repaired a car, I can see that it looks great, and I know I’ve done a great job.


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