The open road causes more damage to our vehicles than we would like. Debris gets kicked up by other cars speeding by, and sure enough, small particles, such as rocks and sand, slam their way into the front bumper. All chips can certainly be repaired, but some are an easier task than others.
The easiest chip to repair is a bucket-shaped chip, where the sides are straight up and down into the car, typically caused by a rock hitting the car directly from the front. You can tell for yourself if this is the type of damage on your car, because you’ll see that the edges are lightly scraped in and scraped out. This type of chip takes very well to the Dr. ColorChip system that can be wiped on and off, with just a little finesse.
Although most chips can be repaired using a typical paint chip repair system, there are others that are too big to simply blot with paint. Chips that are the size of the tip of a pencil eraser are definitely pushing it. You’ll only end up wiping the paint back out, if it gets too big. On the other hand, a paint chip repair system works fantastic on sand-size chips. With tens of thousands of chips all over the hood, and especially along the bottom of the facia, a kind of hazing effect is created. Dr. ColorChip can reduce the visibility of sand chips perfectly.
Unfortunately, there is sometimes no point in repairing vehicles in which the drivers are speed freaks. I was at the Porsche Parade in Colorado two years ago working on cars when a guy pulled up in a Porsche GT. He pointed out the rock chips on his car, and just as I was getting excited to work on his $300,000 ride, he essentially told me that any repairs would be undone as soon as he left. He got the chips traveling at about 75 mph, and he sure wasn’t going to be slowing down anytime soon.
There is a clear bra available to those that want speed and protection for their cars. I do a lot of prep work for clear bras, because they are semi-permanent, and chips that are not repaired will be sealed in. A clear bra is basically a clear sticker, and you can have your whole car done, but most people do a partial hood or front bumper area.
Chip repair is also important beyond aesthetics. A chip that doesn’t get the attention it deserves will rust, and then you have a bigger problem. What I will do is clean the chip out with a solution that should stop the rust in its tracks. As long as it is surface rust, I can paint it, keep it from scratching and have your vehicle looking good as new.
Chip repair is an entirely different process than scratch repair. More difficult scrapes will take several applications, and do-it-yourself kits just don’t do your car justice. There are also chips that are large enough to need a re-spray of the panel. It all comes down to a level of expertise. If you aren’t sure how to fix something, don’t risk additional damage. Send me a photo of your car, and I can give you tips on how to fix the problem.

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