If you have unsightly paint chips on your hood, please don’t buy a paint pen or other touch up method and put blobs of paint on each little paint chips. It’ll look awful.  You’ll go from having little chips in the paint, to bumps on your hood, and that’s if you’re able to put a little dollop of paint on every chip.

There’s a much better method.  You can use the Dr.Colorchip paint system.  It’s what I use.  I have been doing paint chip repair for 10 years now and have tried many different systems and experimented with my own.  Dr.Colorchip is far and away the best method.  That paint is designed to stick in the chips and not the exiting finish.  You can literally smear the paint over the chipped area, wait a few minutes, and then use their special solution to remove the excess paint.  It leaves a fairly smooth surface with all the chips filed instead of just a few that you have blobbed paint in.

I apply the paint using one of two methods, or both.  If the chips are tiny, sand size chips, I’ll apply the paint like you might polish your shoes.  I call it the ‘shoe polish method’.  I know, very creative name.  lol. I’ll hold a clean white t-shirt cloth over the open bottle of paint,a turn it over, so as to put a nice glob of paint on the cloth.  I’ll then, very quickly, smear that over the entire area of chips. You must do this quickly.  It’ll help to add a few drop of acetone to the cloth, and to the bottle of paint.  You can cover a wider area that way.  Keep on repeating this until you fill all the itty bitty chips.  The second method is better for larger chips, about the size of a pencil tip or a little larger.

For the second method I’ll use a rubber squeegee.  I’ll put a big dollop of paint on the edge of the hood, and very quickly with a squeegee pull the paint across the hood and and the chips.  This will fill all of them in – or most of them.

In both methods, wait about 15 minutes, and with a clean white t-shirt cloth, and a little squirt of the solution that comes with the kit, start rubbing away the excess paint.  This will leave the paint in the chips and give you a really nice finished look.

I hope this helps.  I have done well over 30,000 cars in the past ten years.  I have become known as the best paint chip guy in the country.  I just do what makes it look good – but even now, I still stand back and look at a car and say to myself, ‘yea, that looks pretty damn good’.  and a smile at a job well done.

Feel free to send me pics if you’d like my opinion about your car.  I currently work in Southern California.  Orange County.

my email is and my phone number is 949/463-7690.  I don’t answer my phone (too many calls) but you can text me pics), or if you’re in my area, I’d be happy to do the work.



Steve Bode
aka Quinn The Eskimo