I’m often called out to fix a car that has chips ‘all over’.  My experience tells me that if they are really all over, those aren’t rock chips but more likely tree acid drips.  There are some trees that leave a fine mist of sticky goo on your car.  It’s much finer than tree sap, and dries clear.  It comes off easily with soap and water, but will very often have eaten away at the clear coat just enough to mar the surface and leave a tiny white spot.  This is especially noticeable on black or dark cars.  The Dr.Colorchip paint system that I use – https://carpaintchiprepair.com/kits.html is the only thing I’ve found that works.  You simply paint it on, per the instructions.  Although since this type of ‘chip’ is much shallower than a rock chip, I would suggest putting the paint on a bit thinner, and leave it longer, and remove it more gently.  As the car is very likely covered it may take you a while, but the cost of a kit, compared to respraying your car, is a no brainer.

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