Do you want to know how to fix it?


I use a paint system that is designed to stick in the paint chip instead of the existing finish. On a car like the photo shown, I will actually smear the paint on with a cloth or use a rubber squeegee.  I admit I have a little fun with this when I do it at car shows.  I often work on multi million dollar cars, and I’ll just smear paint all over the front of someones car.  I know the excess paint comes off, but I’ll tell my customer that I only said I’d fill the chips.  I’ve gotten in trouble for saying such things.  lol.  People usually know when I’m joking though.

Once I smear the paint on, I’ll wait until I feel its ready.  It’s usually about 15 minutes or less.  I always work outside when I do this, which is a surprise to many.  The paint shouldn’t be tacky, but it’s not overly critical.  I use a very soft t-shirt cloth and have a micro fiber cloth in my other hand, and a bottle of my secret sauce handy.  I’ll put a few drops of the paint solution on the t-shirt cloth and start gently removing the excess paint.  I make sure the cloth is very flat.  I usually fold it over twice, leaving about a 2 inch square of nice flat surface.  Any wrinkles and the edges will dig into the paint too much.  I watch carefully as I remove the excess paint, and don’t dig into the chip too much.  I keep adding a few drips of solution until I wipe off all the excess paint.

A hood like the one shown, will take me about 45 minutes or less; and I’d get the rest of the car done too.  The repairs are permanent.  I use real car paint.  I’ve worked on over 40,000 cars in the 10 years I’ve been doing this.  I work for many car dealerships and am fairly well known in Porsche circles.  I do tech talks at many cars shows.

If you’d like me to do your hood, please send a pic of the damage to my cell phone.  949-463-7690.  Sorry, I don’t know how to make that a link.  🙂
Or if you’d like my advice on some repair, please let me know.

also my email address is

I mainly work in Orange County, California, but also will go to Los Angeles.  I charge around $195 for a car like the one shown, and I do everything on the car that I think I can fix.  Let me know if you have any other questions.


Steve  aka Quinn The Eskimo